CryoPen O with Applicator and Carry Case

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Cryopen O

CryoPen O with 2 Applicators and Carry Case

The New Cryopen from H&O. Easier cannister loading. Choice of 16g or 8g canisters 

  • Full control with on/off switch
  • Extremely gas efficient
  • Reassuring refined design with aluminum housing
  • Comes with 2 applicators

For what kind of lesions?

Verrucae, skin tags, solar lentigo, actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratoses, hemangioma, molluscum contagiosum, pigmented spots, condyloma and more...

What size of cartridges are used?


  • With the 8g, the CryoPen|o has a maximum of 120 seconds of constant flow.
  • With the 16g, the CryoPen|o has a maximum of 240 seconds of constant flow.
  • With a penetration of the freezing in tissue of 1mm per 5 seconds, treatment of 2 mm deep lesion will use 10 seconds of constant flow.

What is included with the CryoPen|o ?

  • 2 applicators:With white & Blue Dot micro-applicator selectionCapture.JPG  
  • Delivered with forceps for cartridge opener/filter placement 
  • User manual
  • Carrying case
  • 8g/16g converter included.

Cryopen perfect control

The CryoPen is a brilliant device for removing skin lesions quickly, effectively and safely, with accuracy to the millimeter. Penetration of the freezing is 5 seconds for 1 millimeter up to a depth of 5mm in one treatment session. Procedures typically last 5-25 seconds. So with no preparation necessary, patients can be in and out of your clinic in just 10 minutes.

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