Illuco Magnum Skin Examination Magnifier IDS-3100 with Charging Station

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IDS-3100 Illuco Magnum Skin Examination Magnifier IDS-3100 with Charging Station
IDS-3100 Illuco Magnum Magnifier Various Light sources
IDS-3100 Magnifier

Illuco Magnum Skin Examination Magnifier IDS-3100 with Charging Station

MAGNUM UV+ opens a new era of Skin Examination by the means of 4 different light options in one device with 2 modes UV Light (365nm & 395nm UV) High power UV & White LEDs, 100mm wide field of view.

With a total of 70 LEDs, the skin examination magnifier Illuco IDS-3100 Magnum+ offers a particularly powerful illumination of the test area. The LEDs are divided into 64 white LEDs and 6 UV LEDs, which can be switched depending on the area to be examined.

In addition, the Illuco-3100 Magnum+ has a 3-step adjustable illuminance, which allows to adjust the light intensity according to the lighting conditions individually to the examination conditions.

Each LED has a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours, so that the magnifier can be used for up to several decades with average daily usage.

The 4 lighting types of the Illuco IDS-3100:
Illumination: non-polarized light
Special feature: Very good visibility because of 64 white high-performance LEDs
Possibilities of investigation: foreign bodies, parasites

Illumination: Polarized light
Special feature: Reduction of reflexes
Examination possibilities: pigmentation, Sebum, vascular skin changes

Lighting: UV 395 nm and 405 nm
Special feature: Wood-light, Photodynamic diagnosis of skin cancers using fluorescence
Examination possibilities: e.g. acne, mycoses, bacterial infection, Erythrasma, Vitiligo, Melasma, regressive melanoma

IDS-3100 Magnifier Visual Field with different light sources

The Illuco Magnum-universally applicable
In addition to the standard examinations, the various setting options can also be used to carry out examinations under wood-light. The Illuco IDS-3100 is also suitable for fluorescence diagnostics. Thus, the LED magnifier is suitable for many important examinations in dermatology and is particularly practical and economical as a multifunction device.

The Illuco IDS-3100 Magnum+ is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is fully charged within only 3.5 hours. With the fully charged battery, the Illuco IDS-3100 can be used in continuous operation, depending on the selected setting (light mode and brightness level), between 2.5 and 4 hours.
To save power, the Illuco IDS-3100 Magnum+ is equipped with an automatic shutdown, in which it switches itself off after 5 minutes without use (e.g. switching between different modes). Thanks to the practical battery indicator, the Illuco IDS-3100 Magnum+ can indicate whether the battery is sufficiently charged or whether charging is necessary. If necessary, it is possible to replace the battery independently.

The Illuco IDS-3100 Magnum+ skin examination device comes with the convenient charging station.


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