Adaptors & Miscellaneous

Adaptors & Miscellaneous

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apm6000-25 - Catheter Mount Flexible Disposable 150mm callaps

Code: APM6000-25

2122 Ayers Paediatric T-Piece Mapleson F Latex Free

Code: 2122

OXYREG Oxygen Regulator 0-15 1pm


1580-02 Vet Mask cushion
From $18.46
2175000, Spherasorb jerican, white to violet colour change, 5L_web

Code: IS2175

0011 Head Harness-Silicon Large

Code: LR0011

Spherasorb 1kg

Code: TIS2172

12689 Spacer Volumatic A&H

Code: 12689

FB5000-2 Katz Extractor Oto-rhino Foreign Body Remover

Code: FB5000

566034 Argyle Turkel Safety Thoracentesis System

Code: 566034

332015 Plexufix Brachial plexus anaesthesia set

Code: 332015

10531 Heimlich valve
From $30.75
C-EFMS-100 Cook oxygen enk jet flow modular set

Code: C-EFMS-100

G03301 Cook Emergency Pneumothorax set.JPG

Code: G03301

G12591-Rapi-Fit adapter

Code: C-RFA-14.0-15-CAE

SMI-1002 Sontek suction-safe swivel Y connector Peep safe.JPG

Code: SMI-1002

73318-HEL Datex-Ohmeda Gas Sampling Line Male Male Luer Connectors
From $10.65
EASYCAPII Easy cap Oxygen Detector


No product image found

Code: 6205173


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No product image found

Code: IS2186


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