Laryngoscope Blades

Laryngoscope Blades for Fibre optic or direct light sources. Miller, McItosh or McCoy Blades. Infant to Adult.

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LLBM Liberty Laryngoscope Blade McIntosh
From $68.87
LLBMC Liberty Laryngoscope Blade Fibre Optic McCoy
From $651.57
LLBFM0 Liberty Fibre Optic McIntosh Blade
From $169.19
F000.22.763 Heine Laryngoscope XP McIntosh
From $16.73
LLBFMI Liberty Laryngoscope Blade Fibre Optic
From $169.19
BLBM1DISP McIntosh disposable Laryngoscope blade
From $30.22
F000.22.772 Heine Laryngoscope XP Miller Disposable Blades
From $16.73

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From $68.87

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