Suction Tubing

Suction Tubing

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530.34.300 - Tubing Suction Large 7.1mm 3M Sterile

Code: 530.34.300

SPCTC0601 Connection Tubing
From $4.39
534.08.200 Suction tubing Sterile xlarge

Code: 534.08.200


This product is available by contacting us. This price is subject to confirmation and availability.

533.25.200 - Suction Tubing Unsterile 6.0mm 1.8m

Code: UM010.3.300

Suction Nelson ENT Tubing 20cm Siltube 6mmID x 9mmOD x 3M

Code: DST-3030

533.25.200 - Suction Tubing Unsterile 6.0mm 1.8m

Code: 010.3.200


Code: UM110.1.300

SL-8007 Suction tubing Link Bubble 30m.PNG

Code: SL-8007

ORNEX610 Medline Suction Tubing Non-Conductive 6mm x 3m.JPG

Code: ORNEX610

SPCTC0603 Liberty Suction Pump Connection Tubing 4/16 ID 1.8m

Code: SPCTC0603

No product image found

Code: UM010.3.200


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