Height Measure

Height Measure

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Seca 216 Seca Mechanical measuring rod Wall mounted 3.5 to 230cm

Code: ESE216

Seca 213 Seca Portable Stadiometer Height Rod 0-205 cm

Code: ESE213

ESE207 Seca Baby Measuring Rod

Code: ESE207

Seca 264 Seca Digital Stationary Stadiometer with Wireless Transmission

Code: ESE264

ESE232 Seca Measuring Rod Attachment for ESE334 CROP

Code: ESE232

Seca 220 Seca Height Measure Rod for Column Scales ESE703 or ESE769

Code: ESE220

No product image found

Code: ESE233

Seca 217 Seca stadiometer for mobile height measurement 20 - 205cm

Code: ESE217

ese206 - Seca Mechanical Height Measure Tape - Wall Mounted

Code: ESE206

Seca 222 Seca Mechanical Telescopic Measuring Rod 6cm - 230cm

Code: ESE222

THM Height Measure Tape - wall mounted

Code: THM


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