IV Luer / Valves

IV Luers are devices used to connect IV catheters, administration sets, and/or syringes to deliver IV therapy. Also can be known as Needleless valves, Luer Plugs or Bungs. 

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From $2.51
2n3399 - Interlink Injection site Luer Lock

Code: 2N3399

Clearlink Luer Activated valve with luer lock adapter
From $3.68
CO-16.5250 Codan R-Lock One-way Needleless Valve

Code: CO-16.5250

3000E Smartsite Positive bolus

Code: 3000E


This product is available by contacting us. This price is subject to confirmation and availability.

Baxters One-link Needle-Free IV Connector

Code: 7N8399K


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