Lacrimal Cannula

Lacrimal Cannula

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1276_Steriseal Lacrimal Cannula 26g x 0.45 x 30mm

Code: S1276

No product image found

Code: CME20-004

DFV Lacrimal Cannula 25G x 0.50x28mm

Code: DFV-318S

SUR-125090 Surgistar Hydroexpression Angled Cannula

Code: SUR-125090

1273F_Steriseal Viscoexpression 25g Cannula

Code: S1273F

S1615_Steriseal Lacrimal Cannula 21g Curved

Code: S1615

S1292 Nasolacrimal Intubation set Adult.JPG

Code: S1292

1273A Steriseal Anterior Chamber Rycroft Cannula 27G 0.40 X 22MM (PK10)

Code: S1273A

$83.21 $41.61

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