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Integra-Miltex-Disposable-Silicone-Coated-Surgical-Blades 10
From $202.87
11-8-207 Swann Morton PM60B Scapel Blade Carbon Steel

Code: PM60B

SSDC10_Paramont Scalpel Disposable No 10 Complete
From $18.25
SW10 Swann Morton Scalpels Disposable No 10 Sterile
From $13.23
Paramont Scalpel Blades No 10
From $41.45
sm62 Swann Morton Blades Stainless Steel No SM62

Code: SM62


This product is available by contacting us. This price is subject to confirmation and availability.

Swann Morton Blades Stainless Steel No SM64

Code: SM64

sm69 Swann Morton Surgical Scalpel Blade Stainless Steel

Code: SM69

PM40 Swann Morton Scalpels Disposable PM40 Post -Mortem

Code: PM40

No product image found

Code: 0113

8-141 Swann Morton Stitch Cutter Blades
From $0.49
5525 Swann morton Blade remover

Code: 5525

Swann Morton Fine Blade Sterile SM61
From $80.53
0201 - Swann Morton Blades  No 10 Carbon Steel Sterile
From $0.49
11-8-190 Swann Morton Blades MajorC Cervical Biopsy Blade

Code: 11-8-190

SSC_Paramont Disposable Stitch Cutters

Code: SSC

0109 Swann Morton blades No22A NON STERILE.PNG

Code: 0109

No product image found
From $29.90

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