Surgical Scissors - High end Theatre Scissors, Nurses Scissors, Ward scissors, First Aid Scissors. Capes have a large range of quality surgical scissors to meet all your requirements. Brands from S&T, Nopa, Lawton, Stephens, Liberty and LRI.  


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From $3.24
SSBLBLS130_LRI Scissor Surgical Blunt Blunt Straight
From $9.41
SSSHBLS130 Scissor Surgical Sharp Blunt Straight 13cm
From $9.41
SSSHSHS130_1 Liberty Scissor Surgical Sharp Sharp Straight
From $9.41
bc987 bandage-scissors-universal-scissors-Black-180-mm
From $26.31
Aesculap Scissor Long Blade 180mm

Code: BC838R


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