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Nemoa Cast Polyester Casting Tape Rainbow Pack 3 inch


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Nemoa Cast Polyester Casting Tape Rainbow Pack

Nemoa Cast is a 100% Polyester Casting Tape, which produces significantly less dust than fibreglass products during removal with a conventional saw. The structure of Nemoa features a multi-directional stretch, which ensures conformability and ease of mouldability when shaping along the contour of the human body, especially bony prominances.

The Polyester is a strong, rigid and durable product, and yet is extremely lightweight. It is strong to impact and durable on the edge side, so the finished cast is not shattered by impacts imposed on the surface or edge sides.

It is 5 times as light as conventional plaster casts. Nemoa is moisture resistant and is porous. This feature allows the cast to dry easily, which prevents bad odours, skin contagions and other complications caused by moisture inside the cast.

Nemoa is tack-free, and has no layer separation issues.


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