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Illuco LED Dermatoscope IDS-1100


NZ $1,489.25 NZ $1,834.25


Illuco LED Dermatoscope IDS-1100

Dermatoscope Reinvented by Optical Experts

Hand-held LED Dermatoscope with polarized & non-polarized illumination

Dermoscopy requires a high-quality magnifying lens and likewise high quality light sources that can help with examining skin structures and patterns. The IDS Range provides the Skin cancer professional with
Excellent optical quality.

FREE Illuco Small 8mm Contact plate included with every IDS-1100 Valued at 224.25+gst inclusive. While stocks last. 

Unlike non-polarized dermatoscopes, which always require contact with the skin and the use of an interface medium(oil immersion), IDS-1100 uses cross-polarized light to reduce surface light scatter. It means, you can examine multiple lesions with IDS-1100 more efficicently and without the need to introduce an oil or interface fluid. On the other hand, there are lesions tht you may want a different perspective on and this can be obtained through a more traditional apporach, using non polarised light and fluid. IDS-1100 can produce images by both oil immersion and cross-polarization. Blue Light indication for Polarization mode

  • Outstanding ergonomics and modern shape
  • Bright LED illumination lights with 3 levels' brightness control
  • Polarized light illumination
  • A probability of misdiagnosis in detection of nodular melanoma or featureless melanoma may result from using a non-polarized light dermatoscope. If you have a non-polarized light dermatoscope, it is necessary to apply immersion fluid to get a polarized image. The IDS-1100 has switchable non- and cross-polarization mode and you can switch the mode with a simple button click. In polarization mode, the polarization filter becomes activated and absorbs the surface light reflection (no immersion fluid required). It allows you to examine the colours, shapes and texture features of the skin lesion more clearly, more precisely and more detailed.
  • 10 x Magnification and 25mm wide field of view (Aperture)
  • Easy detachable protect glass for the lesions that shouldn't be touched
  • Magnetic Smartphone connection kit; available for iPhone, Galaxy and Galaxy Note: must be purchased separately
  • Easy to handle and focus
  • Automatic Shut down
  • High-Quality but Affordable
  • Supplied with a micro USB charging cable



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