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Riester Ri-scope set L2 LED Ophthalmoscope and EliteVue Otoscope 3.5V in Carry Case


NZ $2,202.25


Riester Ri-scope set L2 LED Ophthalmoscope and EliteVue Otoscope 3.5V in Carry Case

Features of the ri-scope LED Diagnostic Sets

  • Premium hand held LED diagnostic instruments.
  • The LED / Li-Ion Technology leads to more reliability of the instruments due to significantly longer battery service life and LEDs.
  • Consistent light output of white and bright LEDs leads to a more efficient diagnosis.
  • LED illumination bright, white light with a nearly unlimited lifetime!
  • White high performance LED 5.500K / 17.500 Lux
  • Lifetime > 10,000 hours compared to 20-30 hours of halogen/Xenon lamps
  • Li-ion batteries more light-weight, more powerful
  • 50 hours burning time of LED with fully charged Li-Ion battery
  • Rechargeable battery lifetime: up to 1200 charging cycles
  • rheotronic electronic light intensity adjustment for LEDs and light bulbs
  • 100% light output after short switch activation
  • Continuously variable light adjustment
  • Automatic safety shut-down after 120 seconds

ri-scope L2 Ophthalmoscope

Premium-Class Direct Ophthalmoscope with renowned high-performance optics

  • The enhanced model with seperately engageable red-free, blue and polarization filters for each aperture.
  • Diopter Wheel with 29 corrective lenses

Plus 1-10, 12, 15, 20, 40

Minus 1-10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35


EliteVue Otoscope

The EliteVue otoscope is setting the standards. The EliteVue offers twice the field of view and 66% greater magnification compared to standard otoscopes*.

The EliteVue offers a significantly improved view of the auditory canal and tympanic membrane, enabling more efficient diagnosis and enhanced patient outcomes.

  • Suitable for throat illumination.
  • High-performance LED illumination (4,000 Kelvin, CRI = 92)
  • More than 5-fold magnification
  • Twice the field of view
  • Complete view of the tympanic membrane
  • Reflection-optimized high performance glass optics
  • Wheel to adjust focal depth Suitable for pneumatic otoscopy (supplied without ball)

Field of magnification.JPG


1 x EliteVue otoscope head 3.5V LED
1 x L2 Ophthalmoscope head 3.5V LED
1 x C size handle
1 X C size plug in Lithium batteries
1 x USB/mains 240V power plug.
1 x carry case


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