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3M Chemical Spill Kit SPK10L


NZ $383.29
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3M Chemical Spill Kit

3M Chemical Sorbent Spill Kit - 10L, SPK10L is ideal for hazardous spill control. It is highly absorbent and suitable for a wide range of liquids, even aggressive acids and alkalis. This handy bucket sized kit is suitable for smaller chemical spills. It is ideal for laboratories &hospitals.

Kit Contents:
1/4 3M Chemical Folded Sorbent C-FL550DD
1x 3M Respirator 3M 4277 (A1B1E1P2)
1x Safety Goggles
1x Pair Oil Resistant Gloves
1x Contaminated Waste Bag
1x Spill Response Procedures
1x Plastic bucket with lid


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