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Clarius Software Advanced Breast


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Clarius Software Advanced Breast

The Advanced Breast Package offers more flexibility for users who need additional customizations for breast examinations and procedures.

Available for L7, L15
Please note this package is included if buying any of the above scanners with the membership package.

Specialized Presets include:

  • Diagnostic Breast
  • Interventional Breast
Additional Advanced Features and Imaging Modes:
  • Lesion Volume
  • Rapid Annotation Picker
  • Tri-plane Pictograms
  • Speed of Sound Optimization
  • BI-RADS Reporting
  • Lesion Measurement/Indications
  • Biopsy Labeling Protocol
  • Biopsy Needle Guidance
  • Split Screen Mode
  • Procedure Recording Mode
  • Strain Elastography
  • Needle Enhance


Package Highlights

Dedicated Presets

Gain diagnostic confidence through optimized radiology driven presets including Diagnostic and Interventional Breast.

Tri-Plane Pictograms

Label your images with specialized breast pictograms that depict scanning location in three dimensions.

Rapid Annotation Picker

Save time by choosing categorized labels displayed in an easily selectable columnar layout.

BI-RADS Reporting

Ensure ACR compliance by reporting on all the necessary indications and impressions within a breast workflow.

Biopsy Labeling Protocol

Automatically label biopsy procedures through incrementing annotations.

Biopsy Needle Enhance

Enhance and guide biopsies by clearly visualizing your needle and target.


Obtain stiffness information through strain elastography imaging.

Lesion Indications

Measure and report on individual lesions for detailed diagnostic reporting.


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