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Clarius Software Advanced Primary/Critical Care


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Clarius Software Advanced Primary/Critical Care

The Advanced Primary/Critical Care Package offers additional automated tools and workflow solutions for common generalized scanning for FAST, eFAST, and whole-body imaging. It includes several valuable features to streamline workflows and clinical decision making.

Available for C3, PA, C7
Please note this package is included if buying any of the above scanners with the membership package.

Auto Heart Rate

Instead of using M-Mode and manually placing calipers, Auto Heart Rate analyzes the greyscale images in give a real-time heart rate output on the screen.

Auto Preset AI

Auto Preset AI uses the Clarius patented technique of recognizing anatomy at a macro level and then automatically selecting the best Preset to optimize the imaging quality. Save time and let AI guide your protocol in real-time.

† Act One™

Save time and impress patients through AI driven multimedia videos.

Additional Advanced Features and Imaging Modes:

Split Screen Mode
Procedure Recording Mode

 † Feature available only on C3 HD/HD3 and PA HD/HD3 scanners.


Package Highlights

Auto Preset

Let AI help improve your workflow by automatically recognizing the anatomy being scanned and switching to the most optimized preset.

Auto Heart Rate

Allow AI to calculate the heart rate for you without having to enable spectral modes to manually make a measurement.

Act One

Save time and impress patients through AI-driven multimedia videos.


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