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Hollister Inview Uridome Short 29mm


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Hollister Inview Uridome Short

The InView Male External Sheath is made of soft, breathable, silicone to deliver both confidence and comfort for self-catheterisation. InView Male External Sheaths are non-irritating and non-allergenic perfect if you have known latex sensitivities.

They're made of a clear material that allows for monitoring of the condition of the skin where the sheath is applied. Also, their skin friendly adhesive helps maximise wear time and helps prevent accidental detachment.

Male External sheaths are available in three styles and five sizes to help ensure the proper fit:

  • The Standard sheath has a regular length and adhesive for everyday wear
  • The Extra version has 70% more adhesive than the standard catheter for added security
  • The Special(Short) has a shorter sheath length to accommodate a wider range of needs

Tips for Using Hollister InView Sheaths

  • Clean and thoroughly dry the penis. Do not use lotions, powders or ointments on the skin. Trim hair as needed. Be sure to have a clear view and access to the area
  • Be sure to open the packet using the perforated strip at the top edge of the packaging
  • If using an InView Special or Extra sheath, first remove protective cap from the sheath (Figs. 1 and 2)
  • Unroll the sheath gently onto the penis. Try to unroll the sheath as evenly as possible along the shaft (Fig. 3)
  • Gently squeeze the applied sheath to ensure good contact between the adhesive and the skin (Fig. 4)
  • Connect to a bedside collector or a leg bag
  • Secure the tubing leading to either a leg bag or gravity drainage bag to your thigh to prevent unnecessary tugging on the catheter
  • Position the tubing for the leg bag or gravity drainage bag below the level of the bladder
  • For removal, gently roll the catheter off the skin. Use of a warm, wet washcloth, held over the catheter for approximately 30 seconds may help weaken the adhesive for easier removal in some cases. Adhesive remover wipes may also be helpful.


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