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3M Bowie-Dick 1233 INCHEQUE Test Pack


NZ $471.34
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3M Bowie-Dick 1233 INCHEQUE Test Pack

Steam penetration test for vacuum-assisted steam sterilizers

  • Easy-to-read test sheet clearly identifies failures and can be filed for record keeping
  • Lead Free ink chemistry
  • Equivalent to the Bowie-Dick Towel Pack.
  • Yellow indicator pattern turns dark brown/black after processing
  • Lead-free chemistry

As an Equipment Monitor, the 3M Comply Bowie-Dick Test Pack #1233 is designed to monitor the performance of vacuum-assisted 132C-134C steam sterilizers each day. Test packs will reproducibly detect residual air in the sterilizer chamber due to air leaks, air removal failures and inadequate vacuum - any of which can compromise sterility. Complies to ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-5:2007 Class 2.

A Bowie-Dick test should be run daily on each sterilizer. Should also be used to check sterilizer performance after a major repair.


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