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Sharpoint Suture Ultraglide Nylon 10/0 DGL6 2x6.15mm 3/8 circle 30cm DA


NZ $396.75


Surgical Specialties Suture Nylon 10/0

Sharpoint Plus Nylon Non-Absorbable Ophthalmic Sutures with UltraGlide Needles, 3/8 Circle, are high-quality, smooth and sterile sutures used in ophthalmic surgery, particularly in corneal transplant procedures. Sharpoint Nylon Non-Absorbable Sutures consistently meet the rigorous demands of surgery professionals worldwide.

Characterized by superior sharpness, penetration, and strength, Sharpoint Nylon Sutures demonstrate excellent tensile strength and durability. Soft and supple material ensures excellent handling and knot security. These sutures are made from monofilament nylon, which pass easily through tissue for reduced trauma and prevention of tissue ingrowth. Sharpoint Nylon Sutures are equivalent to Ethicon Ethilon and Covidien Monosof.

These sutures are made of monoflament nylon and come in various sizes. Size 10-0 is used in the most delicate surgeries, such as ophthalmic surgery and for repair of small damaged nerves due to lacerations in the hand. These sutures feature UltraGlide Needles, which have six (6) faceted sides and two (2) cutting edges, typically used for cornea and sclera closure. Unique tip has an ultra-sharp point that penetrates smoothly for precise placement. It also features an innovative lift and cut ramp that counters the corneal tissues tendency to roll under and follow the Needle. Available in 12 per box.


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