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Bray Ring Pessary Polythene Rigid 74mm


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Bray Ring Pessary Polythene Rigid

Portia polythene ring pessaries are SINGLE USE. They are white in colour and shaped like a doughnut. Sizes are available from 50mm to 100mm outer diameter. Whilst PVC pessaries are flexible, polythene pessaries are rigid in structure. The ring has a smaller wall width (7.5mm instead of 12.5mm for the PVC version.)

What is a Portia Vaginal Ring Pessary?
It is a latex-free, non-sterile donut shaped medical device manufactured and packed in the UK in a GMP controlled environment. The outer diameter can vary from 50mm 110mm

Why would a patient choose to have a Vaginal Ring Pessary fitted?
The Ring Pessary is commonly used to support pelvic organ prolapse, where there is symptomatic uterine prolapse, cystocele, rectocele or a combination of more than one type of prolapse. The pessary may be fitted temporarily where the patient is waiting for an operation to correct this condition, or permanently where an operation is not an option or not wanted.

The sizing and fitting of the Vaginal Ring Pessary
The pessary is inserted into the vagina into a position where it will hold the prolapsed organs in place. The sizing and fitting of the pessary should be carried out by a medical professional, usually a doctor or a specialist nurse.

How long will the pessary need to stay in place?
Once the correct size of pessary is fitted, it is the manufacturers recommendation that it should be replaced every 3 months, but this will ultimately be decided by the medical professional; the pessary should be removed and the area checked for any abnormalities. It is recommended that the pessary is used within 5 years of the Date of Manufacture (DOM). There is both a DOM and Expiry date stated on the pessary pouch.

This product is not autoclavable. And is intended for single patientuse.


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