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Haftelast Latex free Cohesive Conforming Bandage Cream 12cm x 20M


NZ $30.75
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Haftelast Latex free Cohesive Conforming Bandage

Haftelast latex-free* is the universal conforming bandage for the outpatient setting and surgery: The cohesive bandage scores with its improved properties, for example to support and relieve joints, suitable for reliable and durable retention of plaster of Paris and synthetic splints or for compression tailor-made for your specific requirements.

Easy unrolling of the bandages allows a quick and easy application. The synthetic coating allows the turns of the bandage to adhere to each other, yet the limb remains mobile. Even after it has been worn for a long time, the bandage is easy to remove.

The soft material is designed for easy shaping and provides high wearing comfort. Fixed selvedges prevent the bandages from fraying at the edges. On account of its material property, Haftelast is latex-free skin-friendly and suitable for those with a latex allergy.

Fields of application

  • For retention (e.g. of wound dressings, padding material, splints and cannulas)
  • For the support and unloading of jointsfor compression

Recommended combinations
to retain plaster of Paris and synthetic splints, e.g. Cellacast Splint


  • lengthwise elastic
  • cohesive (self-adhesive)
  • free of natural latex
  • air-permeable
  • soft material, easy to shape
  • easy to handle when unrolling
  • reliably stays in place
  • with selvedges


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