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Eakin Wound Drainage Pouch 45x30mm


NZ $367.42
 Ordered In as Required - Usually Ships Within 2-3 Days


Eakin Drainage Wound Pouch

Eakin Oval Wound Pouches are designed to collect wound exudate, whilst the integrated Cohesive skin barrier offers complete skin protection.

Providing a skin friendly and cost effective solution for various applications including managing fistulae, multiple or irregular stomas and wounds with high exudate levels.

Fold and Tuck pouches allow for patient mobility and extra comfort.

Protects against Moisture Associated Skin Damage

A highly absorptive eakin Cohesive skin barrier on each pouch helps protect against periwound Moisture Associated Skin Damage, whilst ensuring a secure fit regardless of site shape. eakin Cohesive has a proven track record of being extremely skin friendly.


Eakin Wound Pouches have a more flexible flange, thanks to an innovative welding technique which allows them to mould easily to all body contours.

Access Window for easy viewing

Transparent plastic Access WindowTM for viewing without the need for pouch removal.


A clearly defined cutting area and tracing template ensures accuracy and best fit around wounds and fistulas.


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