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Sentry Combine Dressing Sterile 20cm x 20cm EACH


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Sentry Combine Dressing Sterile

Sentry Combine Dressing Sterile is a type of wound dressing that is designed for use as either a primary or secondary dressing. It is particularly suitable for wounds that are medium to heavily exuding, as it is able to effectively manage the amount of fluid produced by the wound.

As a primary dressing, Sentry Combine Dressing Sterile is able to absorb any excess fluid from the wound and provide a protective barrier to prevent further contamination. As a secondary dressing, it can be used in combination with other wound dressings to provide additional absorbency and protection.

Overall, Sentry Combine Dressing Sterile is an effective solution for managing exudate and promoting wound healing, particularly in cases where there is a significant amount of fluid being produced by the wound.


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