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Opsite IV3000 Catheter Dressing 10cm x 14cm


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Opsite IV3000 Catheter Dressing 10cm x 14cm

IV3000 Standard Transparent Film Central/Jugular IV Dressings, manufactured by Smith & Nephew, come with orange handles for easy tape fixation. Orange adhesive handles provide quick and easy application.

These 4925 Dressings are moisture responsive cannula fixation dressings. The IV3000 Standard dressing is indicated for jugular and central venous catheter fixation. These transparent dressings are moisture responsive and specifically designed to meet the needs of patient catheter fixation. The IV3000 Central or Jugular IV Dressing helps keep the catheter site dry by trasmitting moisture away from the wound area.

IV3000 Transparent Film IV Dressing Features & Benefits

  • Reduces dressing changes.
  • Provides excellent catheter stabilization.
  • Easy application and removal.
  • Standard IV application for central or jugular.
  • Provides physical separation between the catheter site and external environments to assist in preventing contamination of the catheter site.
  • Creates an environment for managing moisture at the catheter site through increased moisture vapor transmission rates.
  • Film acts as a barrier to bacteria including MSRA.
  • Offers convenient visual inspection.
  • Offers greater patient comfort.
  • Waterproof barrier.
  • Minimizes unscheduled dressing changes.
  • Moisture responsive cannula fixation dressing.
  • Grid pattern adhesive.
  • Transparent and conformable.
  • May help reduce risk of infection by preventing moisture accumulation.


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