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Aquacel Foam Adhesive Wound Dressing Heel 19.8cm x 14cm


NZ $114.51
 Ordered In as Required - Usually Ships Within 2-3 Days


Aquacel Foam Adhesive Wound Dressing

Only AQUACEL Foam dressing offers comfort and simplicity,plus the healing benefits of an AQUACEL contact layer

  • Water Proof/Bacteria Barrier provides
  • Evaporation of excess moisture
  • A waterproof barrier against viral/bacterial penetration1, a
  • Allows patient to shower and bath
  • Soft Absorbent FOAM pad enhances patient comfort and absorbs excess fluid
  • AQUACEL contact layer gels on contact with wound exudate to maintain a moist environment
  • Locks in wound exudate, including harmful components2, a
  • Vertical wicking prevents lateral spread of fluid, reducing risk of maceration3, a
  • Micro-contours to the wound bed, minimising dead space where bacteria can grow4, a
  • Gentle silicone adhesive designed to adhere to surrounding skin, not to the wound bed
  • Skin-friendly adhesive supports simple application and removal
  • Demonstrated low potential for dermal irritation or allergic contact sensitisation5
  • AQUACEL Foam Dressing Shown to Protect Against Skin Breakdown Caused by Friction and Moisture


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