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Aquacel Foam Pro Dressing Sacral Large 24cm x 21.5cm


NZ $157.11
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Aquacel Foam Pro Dressing

AQUACEL Foam Pro dressing is designed to protect the skin from breakdown caused by moisture, friction, and shear forces when used as part of a protocol of care. When exposure leads to skin breakdown, learn how AQUACEL Foam Pro dressings can help protect, defend, and nurture potentially damaged skin.

AQUACEL Foam Pro Benefits

  • Helps Protect from Friction and Shear
  • AQUACEL Foam Pro is a multilayered dressing designed to help reduce the effects of shear forces and friction

Helps Defend Against Moisture

  • AQUACEL Foam Pro dressing film provides a bacterial and viral barrier which protects the wound from external contaminants
  • It is water/shower proof

Helps Maintain Healthy Skin Microclimate

  • AQUACEL layer helps provide a healthy skin microclimate by absorbing and locking away excess moisture from the skin.

Easy to Apply

  • Perforated gentle silicone adhesive layer provides secure, skin-friendly adhesion*5
  • Allows the dressing to be repositioned following skin assessment


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