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Duoderm Sacral 19.8cm X 22.3cm


NZ $169.58
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Duoderm Sacral 19.8cm X 22.3cm

DuoDERM Signal dressing is an adhesive, tapered edge hydrocolloid wound dressing with a
change indicator. The indicator helps to determine when to change the dressing which is designed
to reduce premature dressing changes that can disturb healing and cause discomfort.
The hydrocolloid dressing uses ConvaTecs unique hydrocolloid formulation which consists of a
cross-linked honeycomb matrix made from a proprietary mix of Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose,
gelatin, pectin and adhesive polymers.
The dressing is tapered to be thinner at the edges than at the centre, to help to reduce the
incidence of rolling up during use1
Dressing absorbs wound fluid and creates a moist environment that promotes
healing by aiding autolytic debridement, facilitating the migration of epithelial cells and allowing nontraumatic
removal of the dressing without damaging newly formed tissue


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