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L&R Suprasorb G Gel Dressing 5cm x 6.5cm


NZ $25.99
  Stock Due in 2 to 3 weeks


L&R Suprasorb G Gel Dressing

Suprasorb G Gel Wound Dressing supplies moisture, relieves pain and is very comfortable for patients to wear.The hydrogel gently loosens and traps slough, necrotic tissue and debris found at the wound bed level. Doctors and nursing staff favour this high-quality gel dressing because of its ease of application and user-friendly handling.


  • removes necrotic tissue while preserving surrounding tissue and absorbs it into the gel
  • high moisture donation for effective autolytic debridement
  • supplies moisture and relieves wound pain
  • easy to mould

Fields of application

  • dry to lightly exuding wounds
  • acute and chronic superficial wounds

Suprasorb G Gel Dressing can be applied beyond the wound edge and cut to the size of the wound surface if required.


Product composition

Hydrogel:water, acrylic polymers based on a taurate derivative, polyethylene, phenoxyethanol
Carrier film:polyethylene
White application aid:polyethylene

Application Guide:


Remove the sterile wound dressing from the packaging.

Peel off one of the two white application aids

A). Place the dressing on the wound and peel off the other white application aid

B). Secure the Suprasorb G Gel dressing with a suitable dressing (with a film dressing, e.g. Suprasorb F, elastic conforming bandage, e.g. Mollelast, or as part of treatment for underlying diseases with compression bandages, e.g. Rosidal).


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