Diagnostic sets

Diagnostic sets

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RI.3817-203.011 Riester Ri-scope set  L2 LED Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope 3.7V with Charger Pod

Code: RI.3817-203.011

$1,420.60 $914.25
Riester Wall ri-former LED Diagnostic set L2 LED Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope

Code: PMD-DIA-0863 (KIT)

$1,374.25 $1,029.25
RI.3652-300.004 Riester Wall ri-former 2 Handles handles ONLY 3.5V  230V

Code: RI.3652-300.004

Riester e-scope Otoscope Direct Illumination & Ophthalmoscope set 2.7V in Pouch - White 1
From $444.79
Ri.300 Riester-ri-former-extension-module-1-handle

Code: RI.300

97206-VSM1 Welch Allyn Oto/Ophthalmoscope Li-Ion Handle and Charger

Code: 97206-VSM


This product is available by contacting us. This price is subject to confirmation and availability.

riester elite-vue otoscope ophthalmoscope 2.5V

Code: RI.2210-204

$1,275.12 $764.75
No product image found

Code: PMD-DIA-1179

e-scope LED Riester e-scope F.O Otoscope and Ophtlmoscope LED 3.7V  in Case - Black
$695.75 $362.25
No product image found

Code: 77716


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