Floor Scale

Floor Scale

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813 Seca Electroonic Floor Scale 200kg/100g

Code: ESE813

ESE874DR Electronic Floor Scale

Code: ESE874DR


Code: TMU2032

876 Seca Electroonic Floor Scale Mobile Use 250kg/100g

Code: ESE876

9049BK3R  Salter Scales Maxview 250kg

Code: 9049BK3R

ESE874 Seca Flat scale for mobile use with push buttons and double display 200kg

Code: ESE874

Seca 869 Seca Flat scale with cable remote display 250kgs

Code: ESE869


Code: ESE786

$697.02 $517.50

Code: ESE703

Seca 284 Seca Wireless Measuring Station for Height and Weight with Wireless Transmission

Code: ESE284

ESE804 Seca Digital personal scales with 24 chrome-plated electrodes and BMI function

Code: ESE804

Seca 762 Seca Mechanical Floor Scales 150kg 500g

Code: ESE762

9154BK3R Salter MiBody Electronic Analyser 200kg x 0.1kg

Code: 9154BK3R

200GYBKDR Salter Scales Academy Professional Personal 150kg.PNG

Code: 200GYBKDR


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