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LMA Mask Fastrach Airway Single Use Size 3


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LMA Mask Fastrach Airway Single Use

The LMA Fastrach® Airway, the ventilating, intubating LMA® Airway.

Designed for emergency airways and for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the LMA Fastrach® Airway facilitates continuous ventilation and intubation.


  • Supraglottic, non-invasive airway management device
  • Comprised of three main components; Airway Tube, Mask and Inflation Line
  • Masks are designed to conform to the contours of the hypopharynx with the bowl of the mask facing the laryngeal opening


  • Designed to maintain/temporize an airway in:
  • Patients with immediate need of an airway
  • Patients with failed tracheal intubation or for whom tracheal intubation is not an option
  • Patients for whom the benefit of establishing an airway outweighs the risk of regurgitation and/or aspiration



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