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Medtronic Respiflo FS Flow Incentive Breathing Exerciser


NZ $21.30


Medtronic Respiflo FS Flow Incentive Breathing Exerciser

The portable Flow Incentive spirometry device is to be used as a breathing exerciser. Encourages pre-operative and post-operative patients to sustain maximal inspiration by keeping the instruments inhalationsensitive ball suspended with their inhalation.

The flow passages vary in diameter, affecting the effort required to raise the ball. The ball stays suspended, as long as the patient maintains this effort.


  • Incentive lung exercise flow spirometer for
  • Paediatric and adult use
  • Three coloured inhalation exercise balls
  • flow rates ranging from 36L/min, 54L/min, and 72L/min
  • The number of coloured balls raised and the length of time they are kept suspended, however these are used for self-evaluation/ motivation of the patient and are not for diagnostic use.
  • Maximum volume inspired per second is show on each chamber to guide flow rate
  • Flexible tubing with insertion slot
  • Easy to clean mouth piece
  • Single patient use
  • Latex and DEHP free


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