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Gypsona Plaster of Paris Bandage 20cm x 3.5m


NZ $286.14
 Ordered In as Required - Usually Ships Within 2-3 Days


Bandage POP Gypsona

Plaster of Paris Bandage

  • Bandages combine fast setting, high quality plaster of Paris with the conformable and stable interlocked weave of leno cloth.
  • The bandage demonstrates minimum plaster loss whilst the rich creamy texture allows easy handling.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimum plaster loss
  • The interlocked weave of leno cloth helps in plaster retention whilst soaking and moulding
  • Accurate and easy moulding
  • High quality creamy textured plaster of Paris makes moulding easy
  • Conformable leno cloth assists in a high degree of accuracy
  • Smooth inside surface and uniform thickness
  • Leno cloth allows the consistent application of Gypsona
  • Fast and strong immobilisation for trauma and corrective work
  • Gypsona utilizes a high quality, quick setting plaster of Paris to achieve fast results
  • Each roll is individually sealed in a special flow wrapper for safe storage


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