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Colour Vision Chart Ishihara Book 24 plate


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Colour Vision Chart Ishihara Book

Ishihara Test Chart Books for Color Deficiency are accepted by leading authorities as a simple and accurate method for discovering congenital color blindness and red-green blindness, each in two forms, complete and incomplete.

Helps determines the kind and degree of defect in color vision. Makes use of the peculiarity that in red-green blindness, blue and yellow appear remarkably bright compared with red and green.

  • Consist of a number of colored plates.
  • On each plate is printed a circle made of many different sized dots of slightly different colors, spread in a random manner.
  • Within the dot pattern, and differentiated only by color, is a number.
  • What, or even if, a number is visible indicates if and what form of color blindness the viewer has.
  • The full test consists of thirty-eight plates, but the existence of a deficiency may be clear after fewer plates such as using the more popular 24 plate test.


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