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Reynard Greeny Compostable Underpad 40cm x 57cm 5ply


NZ $165.31


Reynard Greeny Compostable Underpad 40cm x 57cm 5ply

A highly absorbent, compostable alternative to traditional Blueys.

Traditional plastic Bluey underlays play a vital role in healthcare; however, they have long been scrutinised for their environmental impact.

Blueys are an extremely high-turnover consumable. In Australia a recent procurement audit of numerous hospitals (conducted by sustainable healthcare advocacy group, TRA2SH) found that between 15,600 and 96,000 Blueys were used at each site per year, relative to the number of theatres. With 1350 hospitals in Australia alone, that equates to roughly 75 million Blueys (over 1,950 tonnes) every year, taking over 100 years to break down when disposed in landfill.

The Reynard Greeny has been developed to help alleviate the burden of Blueys on our environment. While we recognise that it will take more than this to overcome the problem, we figure a highly absorbent, certified compostable alternative is a great place
to start.

Like Blueys, Greenys are designed to:

Protect bedding, clothing or other surfaces from soilage and contamination

Reduce the risk of skin conditions caused by prolonged exposure to fluids

Provide an absorbent surface on which to perform clinical procedures.

Made of compostable bioplastic with a 5ply paper pulp top layer, Greenys are not only as practical as Blueys, they are 60% more absorbent than 5ply Blueys and 14% more absorbent than 8ply Blueys. Higher absorbency means they can remain in place for longer, reducing under turnover.


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