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Orthozime Ruhof 4L


NZ $341.55
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Orthozime Ruhof 4L

Designed for cleaning Orthopaedic and Arthroscopic surgical instruments.

Leaves instruments free of all fat, blood and protein in 2 minutes.

Orthozime is a powerful formulation of enzymes, buffers and non-ionic detergents that safely dissolves and removes all blood, fat and protein from flexible reamers, hip replacement sets, cannulas and liposuction equipment. With its triple enzymatic formulation, Orthozime completely eliminates baked-on bio-burden and offensive odors from the most difficult to reach areas of your surgical instruments. Originally designed for orthopaedic instruments, Orthozime has proven perfect for all instruments and scopes (flexible and rigid). Neutral pH and non-sudsing Orthozime is safe for use in all washers sterilizers, ultrasonics and manual cleaning.


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