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Famos Bowie-Dick Helix Test Refill Pack (Class B)


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Famos Bowie-Dick Helix Test

Bowie-Dick Helix Test for hollow loads and bench-top sterilisers (Class B)

This functionality test for steam sterilisers needs to be done at the beginning of the working day. After a successful pass of the Bowie & Dick Helix Test the steam steriliser can be released for use. The Bowie & Dick Helix Test Set is dedicated for hollow loads in a bench top steriliser class B. Compared to the BD Test Pack (porous loads) the Bowie & Dick Helix Test simulates a hollow instrument and generates a bigger challenge for the steam steriliser and the steam sterilisation process. The Helix strips are in complies with EN ISO 11140-1 (Type 2) as well EN 867.

Features & Benefits

  • Accurate and reproducible results
  • Tested against the original BowieDick Pack by an independent microbiological laboratory
  • Easy documentation of the self adhesive indicator strip
  • Best interpretation of color change from yellow to black
  • No waste like with Test Packs
  • Ink is free of any toxic component
  • Cost effective compared to Test Packs


Bowie & Dick Helix Test for bench top steam sterilisers Class B
F15.100.097 Bowie & Dick Helix Test for repeated use 100 chemical indicators, laminated 1 PCD (Helix) teflon 1 cotton bag (BX 100)


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