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Hyalo4 CONTROL Antibacterial Spray with Hyaluronic Acid 50ml


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Hyalo4 CONTROL Antibacterial Spray with Hyaluronic Acid 50ml

Hyalo Control Spray is an easy to apply powder medication for local use. Containing hyaluronic acid sodium salt and metallic silver, specifically designed to prevent wound contamination.

HYALO4 Control Spray is a spray powder medication for local use containing hyaluronic acid sodium salt and metallic silver, for preventing microbial contamination in wounds. The hyaluronic acid promotes the rapid diffusion of the water soluble molecules and the cell migration. The medicinal metallic silver prevents microbial contamination of the medication, and conserves the wound free from other hexogen bacteria. The hyaluronic acid and silver are combined in an absorbent matrix (light kaolin and silica dioxide).

HYALO4 Control Spray is indicated for local, temporary treatment of uninfected or at risk of infection
acute and chronic wounds e.g. abrasions, grazes, clefts, cuts, small surgical injuries, local first
and second degree burns and to create a moist environment protected against additional hexogen
bacterial infection.
Dual action of HYALO4 Control Spray, disinfecting and healing.
Metallic silver: prevents bacterial contamination and preserves the wound against hexogen bacteria.
Hyaluronic acid: creates the ideal conditions for fast, improved healing.
Light kaolin and silica dioxide: make the product absorbent.
Easy to apply.
Highly efficient dispenser.
Can be used on large areas.

Mechanism of action
Metallic silver has very high antimicrobial properties, in a spectrum that includes very common microorganisms in skin wounds: S. aureus, S. aureus methicillin- resistant, P. aeruginosa, fungi (candida
albicans), anaerobic bacteria. Thanks to its multiple action mechanism, it helps prevent the risk of infection
occurring. Hyaluronic acid is a biointeractive molecule: during the healing process hyaluronic acid
enables the rapid diffusion of the solutes and cell migration. Given its high hygroscopic level, hyaluronic
acid guarantees the essential moist environment for optimum tissue repair.


Hyaluronic acid, sodium salt (0.2%)
Metallic silver (2.0%)
Light kaolin, silica dioxide and n-butane as propellant.

Control Instructions

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