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Penrose Silicone Tube S Type Trans XRD wLine 6mm x 300mm


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Penrose Silicone Tube S Type Trans XRD wLine

Silicone Penrose Drainage Tube are used for post-operative drainage. Soft and smooth tube minimizes trauma during insertion and withdrawal, the tube draws the fluids to the exterior using the capillary phenomenon.

Transparent tube with X-ray opaque line allows for easy visual inspection, fluid observation, and also confirmation of intubated tube using X-ray; white tube has X-ray opaque effectiveness throughout the entire length. Secure-Clip provides the tube an easy fixation on the wound site.

Silicone Drainage Tube can be used in various applications: drainage, catheterization, air circulation, fluid circulation, injection, blood transfusion, I.V. injection, and treatment of blood circulation.

The tube is made of medical grade silicone with characteristics of long shelf life, low stimulation, non-toxic, tasteless and odorless. Besides, the strong silicone-oxygen chemical structure of silicone provides other particular properties:

Temperature Resistance
Silicone material withstands a wide range of temperature from -150 to +600 (-101 to +260), and could be sterilized by many methods including ethylene oxide (ETO), Gamma radiation, E-beam, steam autoclaving.

Silicone material has superior biocompatibility with human tissue and body fluids. It could minimize adhesion and occlusion of medical solutions, body fluids, blood clots and tissue debris.

Mechanical Properties
Silicone material delivers excellent tear and tensile strength, great elongation, flexibility and durometer range from 45 to 65 Shore A.

Electrical Properties
Silicone material is non-conductive with good insulating properties and flexibility in electronic applications.

Chemical Resistance
Silicone material resist to water, Embolism, Fat, blood, Urine, Medical Solution and many chemicals including some acids, oxidizing chemicals, and isopropyl alcohol. Concentrated alkalines, and solvents should not be used with silicones.


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