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Vliwasorb Pro Superabsorbant Dressing 12.5cm x 12.5cm


NZ $30.68


Vliwasorb Pro Superabsorbant Dressing

Vliwasorb Pro is a superabsorbent polymer for wounds with moderate to very high levels of exudate.

Due to its very high absorption capacity and high retention capacity, Vliwasorb Pro protects wound margins against maceration.

It also maintains a moist wound environment which supports wound healing. The development of odour during the treatment is decreased.

Proteases (e.g. MMPs, elastase) are reduced.* Vliwasorb Pros ergonomic and flexible design makes it safe and easy to use.

Clothing and bed linen are also protected from soiling by the blue clothing protection layer.


1. Non-wound side

2. Wound side

A. Rounded edges and ergonomic shape for good conformability

B. Wide edges for high wearing comfort

C. Blue clothing protection layer protects clothing and bed linen.

D. Absorbent core with nonwoven distribution layer (superabsorbent polymer) for effective exudate management

E. Supple white wound contact layer made from polyethylene for atraumatic dressing changes


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