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Seasorb Soft Alginate 2g Rope 44cm


NZ $142.16
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Seasorb Soft Alginate 2g Rope 44cm

SeaSorb Soft Dressing is a new alginate dressing consisting of 85% calcium alginate and 15% Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC).  The structure is unique because the calcium alginate and CMC molecules are intertwined.

Calcium alginate and CMC molecules swell when they absorb exudate.  The structure ensures that the wound exudate is absorbed vertically resulting in local absorption which helps to minimise the risk of maceration. 

When SeaSorb Soft Dressing comes into contact with exudate, the calcium ions from the dressing are replaced by sodium ions present in wound exudate.  The ion exchange allows the SeaSorb Soft Dressing to form a very soft, cohesive and hydrophilic gel when managing exudate.



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