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Granuform Silver Dressing Kit Medium


NZ $212.06
 Ordered In as Required - Usually Ships Within 2-3 Days


Granuform Silver Dressing Kit

  • Direct and complete contact: The only silver dressing that allows the V.A.C. GRANUFOAM Dressing pores to come in direct contact with the wound, eliminating the need for additional silver dressing layers that may inhibit negative pressure and granulation
  • Micro-bonded metallic silver is uniformly distributed throughout the dressing, providing silver even after sizing
  • Easy-to-use: A single application of V.A.C. GRANUFOAM SILVER Dressing eliminates the need for adjunct silver dressings
  • Effective protection: Based on in-vitro microbial testing, provides an effective barrier to bacterial penetration. The protective silver ion reduces aerobic, gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, and may help reduce infections in wounds


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