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Allevyn Life Heel 25.2cm x 25cm


NZ $264.96


Allevyn Life Heel 25.2cm x 25cm

ALLEVYN LIFE Heel Foam Dressings effectively absorb and lock exudate while providing an optimal patient experience. The foam and lock away core layers prevent the exudate from leaking onto surrounding skin, which may help reduce the risk of maceration.

The soft silicone wound contact layer ensures that the dressing can be repositioned and changed without damaging the wound or surrounding skin, exposing the patient to unnecessary additional pain. The discretion and change indicator layers minimises unnecessary embarrassment to the patient and shows when the dressing needs to be changed.

ALLEVYN LIFE Heel works in the same way as ALLEVYN LIFE.

ALLEVYN LIFE Heel Dressings show you when they need to be changed

The discretion and change indicator layers are exclusive to ALLEVYN LIFE Foam Dressings. Together they reduce the visibility of unsightly exudate strikethrough and show when the dressings need to be changed, helping to reduce unnecessary dressing changes.

ALLEVYN LIFE Heel Foam Dressings can be left in place for up to 7 days, depending on the condition of the wound and the surrounding skin, or until exudate covers more than 50% of the absorbent pad outside of the central screen.


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