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Mepilex Transfer AG Dressing 12.5cm x 12.5cm


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Mepilex Transfer AG Dressing

The world's first antimicrobial wound contact layer with Safetac technology for less painful dressing changes

The body heals a wound and a dressing can either disturb or support. Mepilex Transfer Ag with Safetac technology is a "multi-benefit" transfer dressing designed for low to high exuding wounds and with the patient as a central mind. Safetac is clinically proven to minimise stress and pain for the patient. Mepilex Transfer Ag effectively transfers exudate to a 2nd layer whilst preventing microbial growth. It all adds up to undisturbed healing.

  • Safetac technology for minimal tissue trauma and patient stress and pain
  • A dressing that fits and conforms to difficult-to-dress areas
  • Effective transfer of exudates to a 2nd layer with sustained antimicrobial effect
  • Inactivates a broad range of microorganisms
  • Rapid antimicrobial effect within just 30 minutes
  • Sustained antimicrobial effect up to 14 days

When to use Mepilex Transfer Ag

As a wound contact layer Mepilex Transfer Ag provides the flexibility to construct the optimal dressing combination to fit a wound type or exudate level. And because all wounds are different, there is a range of different sizes that can easily be cut to the shape and size of the wound. Combine it with a second absorbent layer appropriate for the level of exudate. Allow a good margin of both Mepilex Transfer Ag on the surrounding skin, as well as the second layer covering Mepilex Transfer Ag. Fixate e.g. with Tubifast. Mepilex Transfer Ag may remain left in place, whilst only the second layer is changed. It effectively absorbs and transfers exudates to the second absorbent layer, whilst minimizing trauma to the wound and the surrounding skin, and pain to the patient at dressing changes.


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