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Algivon Alginate Dressing with Impregnated Honey 10cm x 10cm


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Algivon Alginate Dressing With Impregnated Honey

Honey-impregnated alginate

The link between honey and health has been known about for thousands of years. Honey has always been used medicinally but now Algivon has combined medicinal Manuka Honey with sterile dressings, to help you heal naturally. With a strength equivalent to unique medical factor Manuka Honey 12, the broad-spectrum antibacterial effect will help the bodys natural healing process.

Product Description

An absorbent, sterile, non-adherent alginate dressing impregnated with Activon medical grade Manuka honey. The exudate, honey and alginate form a honey gel complex which has been demonstrated to prolong the retention of honey at a wound site.


Algivon is placed (either side down) onto the wound surface; dressings can be placed side by side to cover large wound areas or cut to size ensuring that sharp scissors are used.
Depending on the tissue type within the wound bed and level of exudate your secondary dressing of choice could be a film dressing and/or bandage.
In wounds with a high level of exudate an additional highly absorbent dressing can be introduced to help manage exudate.
Some natural health products make claims without the evidence to back them up. Case studies involving Activon from Advancis Medical demonstrate its effectiveness in promoting healing, improving the appearance of wounds, and most importantly, improving the patients quality of life.
Algivon Alginate with Activon Honeys benefits include:

  • Anti inflammatory effects
  • Promotes healing
  • Reduction in wound odor
  • Broad spectrum antibacterial
  • Supports moist wound healing
  • Will effectively de-slough and de-bide a wound
  • May reduce the need for antibiotics in some patients

Alginate Dressing with Activon Manuka Honey is wonderful for long term care of serious wounds. But because it may be used on any type of wound, make sure you keep Alginate Dressing with Activon Manuka Honey in your home first aid kit for small or superficial injuries as well. Algivon Alginate Dressing with Activon Honey may be used on superficial wounds, partial or full thickness wounds, sloughy wounds or necrotic wounds such as pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, surgical wounds, burns, graft sites and fungating tumors.


Place Algivon Alginate Dressing with Activon Honey directly onto the wound (either side down).
For larger wounds, multiple dressings can be placed side by side, while for smaller wounds, this Manuka Honey Dressing may be cut to size with clean, sharp scissors.
Cover Algivon Alginate Dressing with a second dressing of your choice.
Algivon Alginate Dressing with Activon Honey may be left in place for up to seven days, but for maximum effectiveness should be changed when the dressing color changes.
A known allergy to honey or bee venom. Algivon Alginate Dressing with Activon Honey contains glucose however, it is considered safe for use by diabetics although it is advisable to closely monitor blood sugar levels during use. A few patients experience increased pain due when this dressing is applied, due to the acidification of the honey. Algivon Alginate with Activon Honey is Sterile and Latex Free.


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