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Aquacel Extra Hydrofiber Dressing 15cm x 15cm


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Aquacel Extra Hydrofiber Dressing

AQUACEL dressing incorporating unique Hydrofiber Technology is a versatile primary wound dressing indicated for use on moderate to highly exuding chronic and acute wounds.

AQUACEL Hydrofiber Wound Dressing is indicated for:

  • Management of exuding wounds including leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and diabetic ulcers,
  • surgical wounds, partial thickness burns, and traumatic wounds

Why choose AQUACEL Hydrofiber Wound Dressing?

  • Absorbs and retains exudate and harmful components
  • Locks exudate in the dressing
  • Conforms to the wound surface, thereby reducing dead space
  • Does not damage tender, granulating wound tissue or healthy tissue surrounding exudating
  • wounds during dressing changes
  • Absorbs wound fluid and creates a soft gel
  • Aids in autolytic debridement (removal of nonviable tissue from the wound)
  • Removes without leaving residue or causing trauma to wound
  • Manages painful wounds


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