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Convatec Avelle Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Dressing 12cm x 41cm


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Convatec Avelle Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Dressing

Used in conjunction with Convatecs Avelle Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pump. (Sold Seperately)

Introducing the first system to combine negative pressure wound therapy with Hydrofiber Technology.

  • Perforated silicone adhesive borders: Specifically designed to secure the dressing in place while being gentle to the skin during removal.
  • Film layer: The backing film permits evaporation of exudate, aiding overall fluid handling while providing a bacterial, viral and showerproof barrier.
  • Foam layer: Aids distribution of negative pressure across the dressing and to the wound bed.
  • Hydrofiber Technology wound contact layer: Stitch-bonded Hydrofiber wound contact layer gels on contact with wound fluid and is designed to maintain integrity on removal.
  • 8-Layered Hydrofiber Technology: Gels on contact with wound fluid and locks in bacteria within it.Fenestrations in the Hydrofiber Technology layers are designed to promote vertical fluid movement throughout the dressing.
  • Soft-port: Designed to minimize the risk of pressure damage

Hydrofiber Technology:

  • Locks in wound exudate and traps bacteria4-6 to help protect peri-wound skin and reduce
  • maceration.
  • Micro-contours to the wound bed, minimizing dead space where bacteria can grow.
  • Balances wound fluid levels through gelling to maintain a moist wound healing environment.

NPWT - Mechanism of Action

  • Reduction in tissue edema
  • Wound contraction via applied strain
  • Increased perfusion
  • Stimulation of angiogenesis
  • Formation of granulation tissue

Convatec Avelle Dressing


Application image Avelle

Avelle 4 Step Application - No Pump Protector
Apply the dressing over the wound/incision, ensuring the port is uppermost (where feasible) and over intact skin. Avoid creasing; reposition if required.

Securely connect the pump, pump tubing, and dressing tubing by twisting together the connectors.

Apply fixation strips to all sides of the dressing with at least a 1 cm/ .4 in overlap to ensure a good seal.

Press and hold the blue button for 3 seconds to commence delivery of NPWT.



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