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Epistaxis Rapid Rhino Device Unilateral without airway 750mm


NZ $644.91
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Rapid Rhino Unilateral Epistaxis Device without airway 75mm

7.5cm inflatable epistaxis tamponade device

Ultra low profiles and self-lubricating hydrocolloid fabric provides for unsurpassed1 ease of insertion and removal. The CMC-infused exterior fabric wets into a self-lubricating gel for optimal patient comfort from insertion to removal.


  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Quickly conforms to nasal anatomy
  • Provides gentle and even compression to areas of epistaxis
  • Designed to prevent adherence to tissue or blood clots upon removal

Please Read -

RAPID RHINO epistaxis devices should only be used by Medical Professionals with experience in epistaxis management, as directed with particular attention paid to the pilot cuff to ensure proper inflation and to avoid over inflation. Not all patient anatomies, especially those that have experienced facial trauma may be able to accommodate the entire length of the catheter. Similar to all nasal dressings, RAPID RHINO epistaxis devices should be removed from the nasal cavity soon after the treatment is complete to avoid potential TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). For a complete list of warnings, potential adverse reactions

Rapid Rhino IFU



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